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  4. When Kat thinks she is being in stealth mode 

  5. Stalking go go go 


  6. One trophy from having this game platinumed. 10/10 great game. Moves into one of my favorites along side Bloodborne, way better than Dark Souls.
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  8. Ps4 KittenWithClawz
  9. This thread you can place your ideas of certain events that you would like to see happen in Nuanor in the Early Access and OBT of Revelation Online. Tell us your thoughts!
  10. Actually the spreadsheet and thread is located in the Revelation Division forum. yuji even put a time converter so everything could be uniform. http://forum.eternagaming.com/topic/1010-give-me-the-time-you-will-be-most-active-in-est/
  11. There wasn't one on here so it's a lot better that I made a thread on here so that everyone can see it and find it a lot easier :D.
  12. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hwhOA6wy_mG0H23NDQy3yS9R8q9M7D2kgoKg-qudizo/htmlview There is that doc already. My playing times are 8am to 12pm EST.
  13. My hours are 7pm until 7:01 pm!
  14. This post is just strictly for you telling us what hours and days you'll be available for to play Revelation Online. For us to progress far into Nuanor, we need active, loyal players to put in some time to help level up our Guild, keep active for future pvp battles against other Guilds. Help each other out, farm to get gear,crafting, get to know the game so that you can get more ideas about the game on how you'd like to play, get out of your comfort zone, socialize with people, ask for help. and most importantly.... HAVE FAWKING FUN :D. Also us knowing your activity now and for later will help us know that you will be dedicated into playing RO with us to have a great experience, get married, have your own house,and much more. And to know who will be active or not, who will be actually playing or not etc , I'm sure you all get what I'm saying :). So let's try to be the best when OBT comes,thrive to level up as fast as you can, don't try to worry about it too much if you're busy in real life or what not, take your time IF YOU NEED TO, if you have the time, keep leveling up yourself so that you won't be too far behind anyone else. It will also take A LOTA OF STRESS, off of your shoulders See you all in game!. If you need help with anything contact myself Angelic Kat, Yujiro,Senpoii,Fluffy and of course we can't forget dick head the leader and maker of Eterna... Sarumonin.
  15. There shouldn't be errors There were some earlier today but that was before we did the announcement here. I'll double check. Update: Tested with multiple different people, including my own guest and real account and it worked without errors on server or ACP. If you were trying to sync prior to this announcement, there were errors and some bugs that were ironed out.
  16. Neat! However... I tried this and got all the errors
  17. We are happy to announce our official integration with our Discord Server. We first created our Eterna Gaming Discord as a back-up in case Teamspeak ever went down, which was in January of last year (2016!). Ever since, we've kept the Discord completely closed off to anyone until we finally opened it up for our members on November. After countless hours and working with the same developer that helped us create the integration between Teamspeak and our Official Site (The roles you have on the forums, you'll have on Teamspeak. No need to wait for a moderator or officer to give you tags!), we have done a similar approach for Discord. The difference being however that with Discord we only have a handful of roles we're giving out such as Member of Eterna Gaming, Community Manager, Community Moderator, and Donator. To sync your Discord account with our forums, simple go to your Account Settings (http://forum.eternagaming.com/settings/) and click on Discord. From there you'll be able to sync the accounts by logging in. At that moment, you'll automatically receive any roles you have on the forums that we have assigned available on Discord. We hope you guys enjoy the newest integration and hope to see you guys there! P.S: We'd like to remind you that our Official Discord Server is meant entirely for Texting Purposes Only. It's possible in the future we'll switch over, if features that we are waiting for are finally released for the VoIP platform. However, for the time being we will be only using the Discord for texting.
  18. My fav is Falcons in all the way,go go !!!
  19. I'm hyped!
  20. I miss you buddy, hope you're doing well <3 


  21. 2017 has come and gone and we as a community have been having an exciting time. From hundreds of new members joining us, to testing out games as Media Press for us to review and even wonderful events that have made the community the amazing place we envisioned from the beginning. We apologize for not releasing any information on January, as it was Holidays and we had quite a bit of catching up to do prior to releasing anything to the public. However, we are back and we are extremely excited to share some news with you all! Let’s get started. COMMUNITY We are proud to announce our first ever year overview of what the plans for Eterna Gaming in terms of planned Divisions are. We originally announced the divisions via our previous newsletters, and since then we started using video format. Apart from our 2017 Division Overview, we are currently working on a Community Overview to map out the plans, goals and events for Eterna Gaming in 2017. This year has been a blessing for us already, with so many new faces joining us, multiple different communities and guilds joining us and even recognition from top media news sites coming to us for information. We’re so blessed and we can’t wait to continue going on. We’ve been working hard with the staff over at YouTube in order to place our Ads in a certain demographic, when it comes to videos, and we are so pleased to say that so many people have complimented us on our Ad! We have so many more plans to grow, and expect our Official Store to be opening this month with T-Shirt, Teddy Bears and even Mugs for everyone of all shapes and sizes. We are in the final steps of design and can’t wait to get you guys to see them. We will be using Teespring at first to see what we can expect from sales before moving on to our own platform. Apart from Community Aspects of Eterna Gaming exploding, we’re happy to announce our Community Alliances with Tenacious Gamers and Sinister Swarm, both amazing Gaming Communities with common goals much like ours. To create a virtual home for gamers, a place where people can just hang out and enjoy being online with others. For more information on Tenacious or Sinister, please visit: Tenacious Gamers: http://www.tenaciousgamers.com Sinister Swarm: http://www.sinisterswarm.com DIVISION NEWS In Revelation Online, we’ve been enjoying absolutely every aspect of the game. From the PVE center of the game, with dungeons like Darkfall, Deserted Shrine, Misty Hallow and raids like Grand Bulwark and Mech Citadel – we’ve been enjoying every aspect that the game has to offer in its current state. Closed Beta 3 started on January 19th and ends tomorrow, February 2nd! From the PVP side of the game, we’ve decided to back off these phases due to some of the in the Cash Shop that may push away members from enjoying the game. There is an unfair advantage with it, and though we’re okay with it, we’d prefer to just enjoy the PVE content as to stray away from any issues that may arise with the Cash Shop that has been offered in CBT 3. However, our guild (Eterna) was not the only one to enjoy the game, no, in fact our community members that own their own Guilds under different monikers such as Resurgence, Illusionate, Vendetta, and Killer Instinct to name a few, had a blast fighting other guilds for territory in Clan Wars (Territory Wars). Illusionate Guild in EU enjoying their dominance with their Guild Castle! Resurgence Guild enjoying a victory after a hard Territory Wars! As Eterna, we’ve been working hard on our amazing Recruitment Video which will be out by Mid February, before Open Beta. We enjoyed events together from taking down World Bosses, filming dungeon and raid runs and even having in-house events such as Drunk PvP! With the many Guild Screenshot events we had, we took some great photos of our core membership preparing for some World Bosses in our Guild Hall. (Thanks to our Community Member and Streamer, Senpoii for capturing our raid on one of the 3 World Bosses we took down that night!) We had a lot of fun in CBT 3 and can’t wait for Open Beta. Expect an amazing turnout as we announce our server and information for the guild here: http://bit.ly/EternaRevelation MEMBER OF THE MONTH We are proud to call: @TakaOneesama, our Member of the Month for February 2017. With all her amazing work that she’s done in the community, from informing our members about upcoming games, encouraging others to use our forums and even being active on our Social Media, we appreciate it all from the bottom of our heart. Thank you so much TakaOneesama for your continuing support towards Eterna Gaming. We are honored to have you as our member and humbled that you allowed us to be your virtual home. We want to thank all the volunteers, mods, donators, and most importantly the entire membership of Eterna Gaming for being the best community that we can be. You guys are the greatest, and we honestly from the bottom of our hearts appreciate all the hardwork, the loyalty and time dedicated into making this gaming community truly one of a kind. You guys are amazing and we love you for it. Expect something new starting March for our Members of the Month. Until next time! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eternagaming Twitter: https://twitter.com/eternagaming Discord: https://discord.gg/0yMIuA3YpzslO275 Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/eternagaming Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/eternagaming
  22. Yeah my PC can't handle the recommended settings so I didn't get it. Looks like one of those half finished games like Ark.
  23. We got Press passes to try the game, we've been reviewing the game and currently it's a little tough.... it has its rough edges.
  24. I'll be updating this list as members add their usernames on Battlenet. Battlenet User ID's: Hardstyle - Hardstyle#1357
  25. Anyone playing mobile games and get together drop a game down and let get the guild together currently playing Dawn Of War and Created Eterna Guild on there
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