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    • Congratulations to Starry our new Member Of The Month for August - 2016. Starry first registered with this community 05/16/2016, 100 days ago. Additionally, Starry has posted 60 times with an average of 0.60 posts per day. Our new member of the month has had 417 profile visits. Starry has also received 25 reputation points and now has 5 followers. Right now Starry appears offline, but was last logged in around .

    • In recognition of her hard work in our Divisions, and as chosen by the Community Members of Eterna Gaming, Starry is August’s Member of the Month!

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Eterna Gaming™ was started as a small guild, that eventually became a family and into a community. We are a guild/community trying to enhance the gaming experience of the players by creating the best virtual environment possible! With your help, we can make our community #1 by spreading the name of Eterna in games. Our purpose is to make the best out of your stay in gaming and leave you with the best gaming experience.